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Why I Wrote This Book: To make sense out of my own experiences, and to help those who identify with more than one ethnic or racial group know they're okay the way they are.

"It was so hot, muggy and smoggy you couldn't see the mountain range just a few miles to the north. A typical summer day in Pasadena, California, circa 1988. I was nineteen years old and participating in an eight-week urban service project. I was ready to end poverty and bring justice to the inner city. But first we had to talk about race – something I didn't particularly enjoy doing because of the inevitable pain involved for me as a person of two races."  Read more of this excerpt...

CHECK ALL THAT APPLY: Finding Wholeness as a Multiracial Person
CHECK ALL THAT APPLY: Finding Wholeness as a Multiracial Person
InterVarsity Press, 2002 (Teen and up)

Being multiracial is an honor. But it doesn't always feel that way. We sometimes wonder where we fit, who our community is and who can understand us. When faced with a form that requires us to check an ethnicity, we sometimes simply feel like "none of the above."

Written especially to mixed race people, this book gives insight into the experiences that form who we are and the opportunity to connect with the experiences of others like us. It not only clarifies the challenges and pitfalls of the journey but reveals a path to new life – not as "half and half" but whole people. There's help here in developing ethnic identity, better understanding our families, even figuring out who to marry! Most of all, readers will gain a sense of their purpose for being. For those who aren't multiracial, but know someone who is, this book will give insight into a child, spouse or friend.

Living joyfully and peacefully as a multiracial person means finding the hope and courage to "check all that apply" and embrace all of who we are.

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From Publishers Weekly:
"Sundee Frazier, a self-described 'AmericanAfricanScottishDutchDanishSwedeIndigenousPerson,' tackles the ambiguities of being a multiracial woman of faith in Check All That Apply: Finding Wholeness as a multiracial Person. In it she cogently describes the particular tension of multiracial identity, the sense of never quite belonging anywhere; she also insists that one's core identity comes only from God. Considering that the number of interracial marriages has swelled from 310,000 in 1970 to 1.3 million in 1994, there is an ever-enlarging audience for Frazier's thoughtful reflections."
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"Usually now if people ask me what books have really been an influence in sorting through ethnic identity or social justice things, I will say, The Bible, Check All That Apply, and The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. . . . I believe that Check All That Apply is a part of God's plan for me to be free." --a reader


Multiracial Identity on NPR: Listen to my guest appearance on the April 26, 2007, airing of Talk of the Nation. The online home of MAVIN Foundation, the nation's leading organization that builds healthy communities that celebrate and empower mixed heritage people and families.


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